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Engineering master of degree of Industry Design Engineering (Master Program)

Engineering master of degree of Industry Design Engineering (Master Program)

●Research area

Product design

Brand strategy and CIS design

Computer aided industrial design

● High Lights:

Industrial Design Engineering makes the industrial products as the main target, it applies synthetically the scientific and technological achievements and the knowledge of engineering, aesthetics, psychology, and economics, aim to do the research of integration, optimization and innovation for the product function, structure, form and packaging and in the practice engineering research area, mainly engages in cultivating advanced engineering and technical personnel in machinery, electronics, transportation, furniture and other household products as well as the user interface, and to do the research and practice of product design, innovation and development, human-computer interaction, function optimization and other aspects.

Engineering Master of Industrial Design Engineering should have a solid academic theory foundation and broad expertise, should have a more comprehensive understanding in status and development trend of industrial design engineering technology at home and abroad, should actually manipulates the advanced science and technology and experimental methods, have the ability of the industrial design engineering technology research, reform development and application (including management).

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