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Mechanical Engineering (Master program)

Research directions:

  • Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation (Master program)

Research area

High efficient manufacturing technology and computer control

Computer numerical control technology

Intelligent control for mechanical system including robot and dynamic monitoring technique

Mechanical product and manufacturing automation technology (logistics engineering)

  • Mechanical Design and Theory (Master Program)

Research area

Vibration and noise control for mechanical equipment,

Engineering graphics and computer graphical science,

Mechanism and robotics

Advanced design methodology and theory.

  • Mechatronics Engineering (Master Program)

Research area

Computer numerical control and robot technology

Mechatronics technology

Computer aided design of mechatronics product

CIMS and logistics technology

  • Vehicle Engineering (Master program)

Research area

Automotive Electronics and Control

Vehicle Man Machine Engineering

Vehicle Fluid Power Transmission and Control

  • Industrial Engineering (Master Program)

Research area

Product digital innovative design,

Virtual design and manufacturing,

Modern enterprise informalizition technology,

Network manufacturing and system integration.

  • Chemical Process Machinery (Master Program)

Research area

Process equipment risk and failure analysis technology

Efficient process equipment technology

Process equipment computer aided engineering technology

Process fluid machinery

  • Digital Technology (Master Program)

Research areas

Product digital design

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